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Why more and more international students choose the MIB Master Programme:

  • Bianchini Eugenio
    Bianchini EugenioItaly“The MIB is a very good experience for someone like me who’s looking for a master in economics. The average level of the lessons and the instructors is good. The practical focus on fostering the development of the students’ skills is another strength feature of the program. I definitely enjoyed improving practical knowledge on presentations, spreadsheet and calculation tools and reports design. The Field work and the Internship are challenging experiences that will turn to be useful in all shapes and forms. So far one critical issue for many students, given the commitment that the master requires, has been the difficulty to manage the tight schedule of the program. Finally, I think the MIB it’s definitely worth.”  
    • Diamond Michael
      Diamond MichaelScotland
      I wanted to study abroad, in an international environment, and the opportunity of working and studying in yet another country through the International Track was too good to turn down.
      • Dovico Giulia
        Dovico GiuliaItaly
        Since my dream is to make career in a challenging international environment, I believe that this programme provides the requested knowledge to understand how the world economic system functions and offers the opportunity to gain work experience through practical activities.
        • Engin Hazar
          Engin HazarTurkey
          I decided to apply for MIB Master firstly because of the world wide reputation of the institution, and secondly I believe that living in Milan, learning Italian language and culture will be a valuable experience for my career.
          • Ginovska Ana
            Ginovska AnaMacedonia
            I consider MIB programme as the right guidance to the essence of worldwide economy, and I believe it would lead me to new ideas for economic growth and development of the society.
            • Gvilia Salome
              Gvilia SalomeGeorgia
              I decided to apply for MIB Master because I was fascinated by Università Cattolica's prestige, which offers a wide range of courses and other educational activities. In addition, I'm excited to explore Italian culture and lifestyle.

              • Liu Xiaomeng
                Liu XiaomengChina
                I believe MIB Master will bring me more challenge and opportunities in my future career. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and having new experiences at MIB.
                • Lobo Andrean
                  Lobo AndreanIndia
                  I decided to apply for MIB Master because I want to understand the functioning of global businesses and firms. Moreover my dream is to study and work in an international environment.
                  • Mazza Antonio
                    Mazza AntonioItaly
                    I decided to apply for MIB Master because of its international atmosphere and qualified faculty. I appreciate the opportunity to interact with students from all over the world that share my same interests.
                    • Mroz Agata Eva
                      Mroz Agata EvaPoland
                      One of the most important aspects of the MIB Master in International Business is the opportunity of working in a multinational context that helps you to improve your international experience and stimulates your curiosity. Being a part of this program is a continuous challenge to academic, professional and especially personal skills and a great lesson in mutual help, respect and empathy. You constantly have to cope with diversity, time constraints and project management, which is a great preparation for your professional future. Moreover, MIB gives you the opportunity to enlarge your international network through the organization of meetings and the collaborations with managers of many important companies. If you love challenges and always strive for self-development, then MIB Master is the right program for you.
                      • Pawawet Phutthita
                        Pawawet PhutthitaThailand
                        I decided to apply for MIB Master because I have always been interested in business and investments. I would also like to do it on an international level.
                        • Simone Marrazzo
                          Simone MarrazzoItaly"More than 10 nationalities in the same class, learning theoretical notions but mostly growing together and understanding how to solve business cases related to important Multinational Companies, supported by top Professors and Managers, all surrounded by an excellent organization. This is just a part of the meaning behind the acronym MIB. The MIB experience open your eyes and your mind in a way that I didn't think possible. After the Master I had the opportunity to work in one of the top French Banks and in less than one year I moved to Luxembourg to pursue my career in an important Consulting Company, just thank you, MIB."
                          • Trandasir Anna
                            Trandasir AnnaUkraine
                            I decided to apply for MIB Master because I want to became a well-qualified HR manager, gain knowledge from the real experience and improve myself in international atmosphere.
                            • Zarba Antonino
                              Zarba AntoninoItaly
                              The Master in International Business provides theoretical knowledge to support at best the many practical activities carried out during the course. I could challenge myself during the group projects and the Field Work, improving both soft and hard skills, useful in the work environment. Furthermore, the international classmates are an added value of the whole experience; their presence is an opportunity to have a cultural exchange, develop international mindset and network. Last but not least, the internship will be an important step for the master and the career as well.