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During the last quarter of the Master, students will be engaged in a curricular internship, an in-company individual activity guided and monitored by a company tutor, lasting from 3 to 6 months (300 hours are mandatory).
In order to maintain consistency with the Master’s program, the internship must have as its possible contents:

  1. Measuring a new potential market
  2. Identifying a suitable distributor in a local market
  3. Selecting foreign suppliers
  4. Analyzing the legal regulations regarding a foreign market

The MIB staff provides a support to help students finding an internship. This activity is carried out thanks to internal dedicated resources working on the MIB Business Network relationships and to the UCSC Stage & Placement Service.

Our Testimonials

  • During my internship experience I had the possibility to work as an Account and Project Manager at Neticon s.r.l., a company that operates in the fields of communication and digital marketing. I had the chance to enter in the fast-paced world of the digital marketing management, learning a broad range of skills and technical knowledge that are highly valuable in the modern world, where internet is one of the main media used both by company in order to attract customers and create value. Doing an internship experience at Neticon was a great opportunity. I’ve learnt technical solutions and how to behave and to think when talking about digital strategies, online marketing and information technology. Beside the technical aspects I’ve also learnt strategies and methods useful to manage resources. Another important aspect I had the chance to experiment during my experience was the direct and daily contact with the clients, among whom big international companies such as Luxottica. I’m really happy because after the internship period the company asked me to stay with them, continuing my experience. This was a great opportunity because I’ve started to follow and manage big projects by myself, putting my knowledges and capabilities at work, while keep enlarging my project leadership and management skills.  

    Francesca Pagani
    Francesca PaganiNeticon
  • The opportunity to work as intern in a multinational company as Robert Bosch Spa has been really challenging I have been recruited in the Indirect Purchasing Office as ‘Buyer Assistant’. In this period I have worked with very nice colleagues, that since my admission into the company, gave me the chance to approach my new tasks gradually, helping me to understand and learn in depth the importance of the role covered by the Indirect Purchasing Office within the functioning of the company. During my internship I had the opportunity to develop multiple skills thanks to the variety of my work: I have discovered which are the requirements of a company on the basis of internal applicant sectors, I’ve learnt how a purchase process is composed and how to manage the negotiation phase using comprehensively  all the available IT Tools. In my experience I have strengthened my communicative and interpersonal skills, my ability to manage my work for the achievement of defined results, giving primary relevance to the relation with the suppliers while always maintaining  a professional attitude.

    Olimpia Petrasek
    Olimpia PetrasekBOSCH
  • The internship experience is the crucial component in Master in International Business. My responsibilities at Accenture as intern were basically: assistance to the preparations of training materials for the functionalities of JDA; testing and reporting in POS tools; preparation of user manuals for the in-store retail applications; assistance to the preparations of POS Solution Proposals. This experience gave me the opportunity to work in supervision of experienced professionals, but especially in an international environment.

  • During my 3 month internship at Chiquita Fruit Bar, every week I had the discussion with my trainer, and also I had a lot of interesting meetings with suppliers and business partners of Chiquita Fruit Bar. I was concentrated on the process of the opening of new points of sales, and to preparate the special training program for another new members of Chiquita franchising team. Thanks to the internship project work, students are able to put their knowledge into practice which is beneficial to know how it works in real business environment.

    Sergii Slobodianiuk
    Sergii SlobodianiukChiquita Fruit Bar Italy
  • I completed my 6 month curricular internship at Moncler as fashion buyer. Before this experience, I only had little knowledge about fashion buying and fashion buyer, but now I have a more professional and deep understanding about this role and this industry. At the moment this is the job I really want to do in the future.

    Mengya Liu
    Mengya LiuMONCLER
  • My internship project has been devoted to insert myself in the Controlling department of a multinational company such as BMW Bank GmbH, in order to understand how the “Controlling” plays a role of a backbone in a solid company. Thanks to my internship experience I gained better insight on how a multi-national company like BMW works in practice, and now I understand better the type of business BMW operates in and the challenges faced by the company (such as economic downturn, changes in interest rates, increasing levels of delinquent customers etc.). But moreover, I gained insight into an area, that is Controlling, which I previously knew only in theory. Indeed it was the first time in which I could observe topics such as financial planning in practice. The daily tasks in Controlling helped me appreciate the importance of working in an organized, precise and structured way and it taught me how to apply my IT skills in order to create additional value and transparency. I understand better now, on which financial KPI’s a company tends to put their focus on. I also got the expertise to present and structure information in a meaningful way for management. The project-based tasks strengthened my interpersonal and communication skills as well as my ability to work in a team.

    Serena Fracchia
    Serena FracchiaBMW BANK GMBH
  • During my internship, I had the opportunity to work as a Trainee for Expedia Inc., the leader in the online travel agencies market. I had the chance to learn and to share this experience with amazing people who taught me to have a positive and proactive approach to work, to be curious and always ready to learn as much as I could. During the first two weeks, I followed an intense training during which I had the opportunity to experience different aspects of the work I would daily carry out during the internship. This training was made up of different parts, both theoretical and practical. I also learnt how to relate with people in a professional and polite way, and how to deal with a completely different environment from the one I’ve had always experienced. Besides the abilities I developed, I had the chance to use the knowledge I brought with me from my studies, such as economic and language knowledge. Economy helped in understanding how the accounting part works. This has been my very first working experience and I think I’ve dealt with it with a very open mind, trying to learn as much as I could, doing my best. It has been a great experience, since it has given me the chance to become more professional.  

    Giulia Libertino
    Giulia LibertinoEXPEDIA Inc., Srl Italia