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Study abroad in Italy: MIB Master the best choice

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Leyla Bayramli

My name is Leyla and I am originally from Azerbaijan. I did my bachelor degree in Baku, and my major was International Relations and European Studies.

Getting master’s degree abroad has always been my childhood dream, however I was very uncertain about choosing country, city, faculty and etc. After graduating from bachelor, I decided to work and after two years of work experience I felt like it is already time to get the master’s degree.

Study abroad in Italy at MIB Master

Italy was the best choice. I’ve always been curious about Italian culture, life style and I thought that a master there was a good opportunity for personal development both in professional level and also in personal level, in a city which I consider one of the most beautiful of Europe.

Living in Milan, experiencing Italian life style was priceless, and the campus of Università Cattolica impressed me from the very first sight.

When MIB classes started things got tougher: living on your own, studying, taking exams and working to tight deadlines are all a very challenging process and it requires a lot of energy, passion and patient. However it also gives you a very valuable experience that lasts lifetime.

I had a very diversified class: people from different cultures, backgrounds, and countries. The main advantage of being in a multicultural group is, indeed, the chance to learn from different people.

When I look back I can see that although a lot of challenges this year was amazing: meeting new people, travelling, studying, learning new things was awesome. It was one of the best year of my life and every moment spent at MIB is priceless to me.

The MIB Master offers a very practical programme, and prepares students for the labour world: we had lots of conferences and speakers from worldwide known companies; and innovative projects, such as MIB Field Work in collaboration with international companies, helped me to learn a lot of new things.

MIB Field Work

I did my MIB Field Work in a group together with other 3 MIBers, for one of the world’s leading fashion companies LVMH group. My Field Work was about counterfeiting and especially in fashion industry and with different brands under LVMH group. Our Field Work company’s coach and MIB master’s tutor helped us as much as they could, without their help and support it wouldn’t be easy to make the Field Work project as good as it is now and get a positive feedback.

The Internship

I was always passionate about sports events and sports event management process since I started my first job at one of the prestigious FIFA World Cup Events.

This year Baku was hosting Baku European Games and I did my experience at organizing committee of this giant sport event. I was a part of Villages and Games Services (GSE) department. We were planning, managing and operating Athletes and Media Villages, providing all kind of services.

Being a member of Baku 2015 European Games Organizing Committee was an honor to me. I was not only working with high qualified professionals with years of experience, but also the internship has been a unique opportunity to meet lots of people representing different cultures.

Baku European Games Organizing Committee was a platform where professionalism met an outstanding cultural environment which really made my experience pleasant and interesting.

Apart from practical knowledge and skills that I gained through working in this organization, I’ve also reached a high personal development level. The friendships, emotions, memories and feelings that Baku 2015 left in my heart will last lifetime.

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