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From Geophysical Engineering to International Business

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Çağla Azaklı

My name is Çağla, I am 26 years old and am from Turkey. 

The first time I have dealt with numbers was at primary school. Solving math problems was easy for me, and this led me to choose a science field at high school. After that, I made the decision to become an engineer. My bachelor’s degree was in Geophysical Engineering, which is an unusual and hard field for most people, in one of the best engineering university in Turkey.

In Turkey if you are not able to stand out from the crowd, the process of finding a job is tough. I felt like I was missing something. Those people who have a business background were always ahead of me in job interviews. After a year, I started working as a supply chain management specialist assistant in a middle-sized engineering company. I was dealing with suppliers, and determining the most convenient in terms of cost, quality, and relationship: a completely different experience for me, especially bargaining. The most challenging aspect was to manage the relationship between suppliers and the purchasing department, an activity that contemplates many strategies which I wasn’t familiar with. At this point I realized that what I really want to do is to work in an international company, but to fulfill my dream I have to widen my vision and learn international business’ basics.

The Master in International Business

I started to search for a suitable program, that corresponds with my career plans. After sorting out all the options that would be convenient for me, an one year program was the best suited for me. I had the chance to meet Università Cattolica’s staff in my country, they were really kind and helped me with some doubts I had. After that, I was pretty sure about my education path. One of the reasons why I chose this program is that MIB would provide internship and field work, that are quite significant for actual labour market. I examined the courses’ content, especially those which cover the main business curriculum necessary to be able to work in an international company. I thought it would be perfect for my career advancement. Another reason for me to enroll at Università Cattolica was the city of Milan, which I’ve always wanted to visit. I felt this experience would take a further step on the road of my career: being in Milan and meeting people from different countries and cultures would enable me to internationalize as well as broadening my business knowledge.

My first day in Milan

The first day I arrived in Milan, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Since I have no idea how to speak Italian, I had to face difficulties starting from the very first day, and also this is my first experience in Europe.

Arriving on central station was my first adventure in Milan: I got lost with my heavy suitcases, but despite of all the troubles I was facing, it was a good feeling to know that I was exploring a new city.

MIB staff has been extremely helpful to me in many aspects such as handling bureaucracy related obligations through informing and guiding. The first thing I did was to see the famous Milan Cathedral, the Duomo, an artistic monument that had an impressive effect on me.

If you need to commute in Milan, you have many different options such as the subway, tram and bus. The public transportation has a wide network, indeed. Milan is also a city, where you can find incredible new foods and social atmospheres.

MIB has given me the chance to experience a different learning method. Firstly, Pre-Courses were very useful for students having different backgrounds and they helped me to gain a general knowledge, so I can to understand deeply the core courses. After main lessons have started, Professors were very kind and eager to teach us. Also, the guest speakers who were the representatives of world known companies presented their business and answered to our questions through the conferences organized by MIB. I feel privileged for the chance to meet those people who are experts in their fields and for being able to see how people become successful.

As days passed by, I have been getting used to living in Milan. I have learnt some words and sentences in Italian to survive, I am attending an Italian course, which is also valuable in terms of career opportunities.

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