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A prominent faculty of over 20 teachers and researchers working across the campus deliver the Master’s. They are the pillars of our academic excellence. They shape and direct students’ learning so that the business and management expertise offered is state of the art. A distinctive aspect of our faculty is its multicultural composition. It helps students explore and understand issues from insightful angles and different perspectives. In addition to the permanent faculty members, there are visiting Professors during the academic year.

Our faculty’s cutting-edge insights into business issues and management practices are enriched by their involvement with business people and organizations through consulting and executive education activities. This benefits the Master’s classroom as well. Business executives are regular guests, thus ensuring the relevance and practicality of our management education.

  • Baroncelli Alessandro
    Baroncelli AlessandroDirector of MIB Master
  • Battaggion Mariarosa
    Battaggion MariarosaIndustrial Economics
  • Bauer Riccardo
    Bauer RiccardoEconomic and Financial Analysis
  • Belvedere Valeria
    Belvedere ValeriaTransportation & Logistics
  • Dethridge Sara
    Dethridge SaraLegal System and International Contractual Law
  • Galuppo Laura
    Galuppo LauraSocial skills and negotiation techniques
  • Gorli Mara
    Gorli MaraSocial Skills and Negotiation Techniques
  • Isari Daniela
    Isari DanielaInternational People Management
  • Lossani Marco
    Lossani MarcoInternational Economics
  • Mezzabotta Claudia
    Mezzabotta ClaudiaEconomic and Financial Analysis
  • Paolino Chiara
    Paolino ChiaraInternational People Management
  • Petrella Giovanni
    Petrella GiovanniInternational Banking
  • Regoli Duccio
    Regoli DuccioLegal System and International Law
  • Serio Luigi
    Serio LuigiInternational Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship
  • Tedeschi Piero
    Tedeschi PieroIndustrial Economics
  • Tunisini Annalisa
    Tunisini AnnalisaInternational Marketing
  • Vecchi Alessandra
    Vecchi AlessandraBrand Management