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Expanding Horizons: my Journey to MIB Master

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Angeline Mae Paccial

Kamusta? My name is Angeline, and I’m from the Philippines. Since I was little, I have a great passion for tourism and hence, I had no doubt in deciding which course to take in college. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism as Cum Laude in 2012.


Eager to start working, I have then worked as a Travel Consultant in one of the largest travel management company in the Philippines. After two years, I decided to accept the challenge to take a further step in my career by working in Dubai, UAE in the same position. There is where I experienced some of the biggest challenges in the workplace. The strong diversity in terms of race, culture, tradition, and work ethics gave me a broader and more exciting sight of the business world. I also met people whose success are so inspirational that I tell myself, “I want to broaden my knowledge and take a lead”. I strongly believe further education is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. A master studies will not only be a higher educational attainment but it will also be a valuable step closer to understanding the complexity of the business world.

The MIB Master in International Business

Upon checking numerous courses and universities, I chose the Master in International Business in Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore as it gives a clear path to students who are searching for deep learning with a balance of classroom lectures and practical work (Field Work and Internship). Another attracting factor is the flexibility of the master in terms of length. I’m currently in the Fast Track (one year) but I also have the choice to proceed to the second year if I would prefer to. The course is composed of subjects that are timely and relevant to this age of the business world. It is very important for me to gain competence in handling business situations and to gain skills in Internationalization which is essential in strategy application for every aspiring manager and to every expanding company. The University also hold a great reputation in terms of its graduates, plus the fact that it is the Biggest Private University in Europe and the Biggest Catholic University in the World. Impressive! More to that, the campus is situated in the heart of Milan, the Fashion Capital of the World. The online application was very quick, and after some days, there was a handful of joy when I received the acceptance letter from the University.

My first day in Milan

Finally, the day I was looking forward to had come. Arriving in Malpensa International Airport, I was welcomed by the perfect weather of Milan. How beautiful this busy city is! After a few days of settling in, I started exploring! First to the world famous Duomo (it’s really breathtaking!), then to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, La Rinascente mall, and Castello Sforzesco. There are also numerous piazza (squares) to see in almost every corner as well as great old Churches such as Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio and Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Gelato! The Italian ice cream never fails to amaze and in the restaurants I can strongly feel the great passion of Italians for food. Pizza and pasta are in every menu, in numerous options, plus a wide variety of wine. Milan’s food specialties also deserve an international recognition. Tasty risotto and cotoletta are also common in the dining tables of families in this city.


After Milan, I went to visit some other places in Italy. It is so convenient to travel around the country with the train. So far, I have been to Verona, Vicenza, Bologna, Genova, Sestri Levante, Moneglia and of course, Roma! Once you started travelling, it is really hard to stop. The good thing is that in Italy, you don’t need to travel for long hours to see another magnificent place. Every part of this country is so rich in history and culture. Learning the Italian’s romantic language also comes naturally, though a bit of an effort will definitely makes one learn much faster. I’m persistent to be conversant in Italian as it will surely be an asset for me.

The MIBers, my classmates

Few days before classes, I already got to know some of my classmates thru the MIB Facebook page. I met two of them and we went for an “aperitivo” (normally starting at 7pm). It was a sweet start!

In the orientation day, I met more students from various academic background, all from different countries. It is so positively overwhelming to build such a big network! I also fell in love on the architecture and feel of the main campus at the first sight of it. After the first day, the pre-courses, which aims to prepare students coming from different fields to the business industry terms and concepts, begun. Almost all MIBers attended the pre-courses which gave us all a chance to know each other. Our class is so diversified which gave us the richness and fulfillment of being an international student.

The professors are very competent and passionate in teaching. There are also tutors and coordinators who are always visible and willing to assist. All teaching materials and other information are available in the online platform, which is very convenient. Beside the regular classes, there are also conferences with guest speakers from the biggest and most successful companies recognized in Italy and around the world. It is so inspiring to meet the business leaders and learn from them directly. The conferences also give us possibilities for field work and opportunities for internship. I’m really excited for the practical activities, but at present, I am focused with the lectures which will equip me with necessary knowledge and skills for the business world out there.

It all started with an aspiration, now I’m living it at the fullest.

A presto ragazzi!

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