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UCSC Campus

Located in the city center of Milan, the UCSC campus is within walking distance of many of Milan’s historical, cultural, and religious sites: the Duomo, Santa Maria delle Grazie (Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper), Castello Sforzesco, and many more. Additionally, public transportation (bus, tram, metro, train) is easily accessible in the surrounding areas for travel to more remote locations within the city.

UCSC is highly regarded across Europe as one of the finest private institutions of higher learning, offering extensive courses in a variety of programs, notably Economics, Political Science, Law, and Education Training. The Milan campus is also an excellent choice for those students wishing to take courses in Sociology, Psychology, Languages, Literature, Arts and Philosophy, and History. With such a diversity of academic fields, UCSC offers international students the opportunity to study in their particular area while experiencing one of Italy’s most popular cities, known for its fast-growing industries, including fashion, media, and financing, as well as its fascinating historical sites coupled with all the amenities of modern city life.

Campus History

Originally a monastery built by Benedictine monks in the 8th century, the UCSC Milan campus has expanded under the care of Cistercian friars in the 15th century and military and social developments both during the Napoleonic era and World War II. Well known throughout Milan, the campus now contains the Basilica of Saint Ambrose (Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio), The Façade entrance to the main campus constructed by famed Italian architect Giovanni Muzio, the Chapel of the Sacred Heart, as well as the Great Hall (Aula Magna). The campus is nestled within the original city walls of Milan. Portions of the wall remain today and are an integral part of the Basilica atmosphere.